“You’ve taught me more about myself and how to influence the world around me in 2 hours than I’ve learned in over 20 years. I had no idea I would walk in here today, after already 6 weeks of classes, and have my perspective and life changed. Thank you for all you’re doing.”
— Major, Louisiana law enforcement agency

They Accepted the Challenge


“The training you provided was great and it really helps when people have to reflect on their own work culture to bring it into perspective. Thanks for reaching out to everyone and your trainings will continue to inspire leaders to spread a positive culture throughout the workplace.”

— Sergeant ben rozewicz

“You are truly passionate about the topic and it keeps class exciting! We were just discussing these topics today, and your scientific-backing and substance of your training swayed my stance. I understand the science behind building a productive culture.”

— patrick, police captain

“You taught on a tough subject, that many of us see as unnecessary. You delivered in a spectacular way that made us think and realize that our work environments really do count on us to change it. We have to look deep down inside ourselves to change and inspire others to make those changes also.”

— michael peterson