Programs Offered


Mindset Enterprise takes great care and pride in customizing the ideal educational agenda to meet your needs!



We are living in a world that is rapidly changing. Leadership must also adapt to this new dynamic by practicing deliberate leadership to realize results with confidence. Turbocharging leadership at a personal and professional level produces a culture of accountability and star performance with resiliency and wellbeing which are of high even critical interest to corporations regardless of industry. Developed by Drs Mitch Javidi, James Klopovic and Michael Apter (© 2017-2019). This workshop provides the foundation, principles and the science behind MAGNUS OVÉA.

Culture Ed

Culture Ed is a 10 module program built to educate students in how to strategically create a positive and efficient workplace. Very few organizational failures orconflicts are due to lack of expertise. An organization’s culture is the foundation for all greater successes and growth, thus, an imperative part to an organization’s mission, vision and values. Culture Ed refocuses energy “from the inside out,” meaning emphasis is placed oneach individual taking ownership and bettering themselves, so that the service to their community can be increased. Culture Ed assists in reaching optimal success by increasing morale, retention and productivity.

*Module selection can be customizable to fit the needs and priorities of the client(s).

Growth Mindset Masterclass

This Masterclass is a completely online educational tool that is taught periodically or on demand if a client wants it directed solely to their organization/team. The study of growth vs. fixed mindset is introduced along with development and implementation tools for personal and professional success. GMM gathers various leaders and experts in the field to provide the highest level education and experience for attendees.

The Executive Mastermind

This incredible Mastermind program is an opportunity for leaders in various industries to come together for education, accountability and growth. Members of this Mastermind are elite level professionals with the drive and capacity to learn from the experts and discuss the real issues and challenges seen in their organizations as well as their personal development. Action plans and effective, immediate implementation of the education received is necessary for optimal results. The program is offered virtually to meet the needs of elite professionals in high demand.

Executive Retreat


The Retreat to push you beyond your perceived limits, level up your influence and leadership capabilities while discovering your TRUE potential in luxurious style!