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Vision: To inspire and create workplaces that thrive on high morale, productivity and constant improvement through assessment, scientifically-derived education and cultures of accountability.

Carrie Wooten, CEO

Carrie Wooten is the Founder/CEO of Mindset Enterprise, and CEO of Wooten Capital, an international investment and asset management company.  She is a published author as well as an internationally certified instructor for “Appreciation at Work.”  As Dean of Education & Leadership at The National Command & Staff College and prior law enforcement herself, Carrie educates law enforcement, military, corporate teams and their executive leadership nationwide.

Carrie’s mission is to eliminate toxicity in the workplace by providing scientifically-driven and progressive training to clients in order to have the highest implementation and success rates as possible.  Carrie focuses on providing tools that will increase morale, retention and productivity across all industries, leveraging communication styles of those around us. 

Moxie Business Awards Finalist, 2018
Life Saving Award, 2013
U.S. Navy Award of Recognition, 2012

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