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A transformational approach to building the ideal company culture and becoming the influential leader you were meant to be.

Mindset Enterprise is a company built on service, innovation, and excellence. The mission is to change how professional development is approached and implemented, by focusing on personal development of the individual first. In order to create authentic influencers, servant leaders and community or organizational impact, a personal foundation must be created to withstand any and all potential challenges.


Our Programs

We offer unique and challenging programs to not only meet the needs of today’s work environments and leadership development, but go “beyond the theory” in our education programs. We take pride in customizing education agendas to help you become more, regardless of where you or your team are in your professional journey.  

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Why Education?

Mindset Enterprise does not train, we educate. This is not a “mandatory professional training” or “in-service” experience. We are passionate about educating our clients with the understanding this is a lifelong journey of constant personal and professional development.

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Speaking Engagements

For those opportunities where an involved educational program doesn’t fit, we customize speaking topics and presentations per our expertise and the need of you and your audience! From keynotes, to Lunch & Learn events and conferences, Mindset Enterprise will bring energy, engagement and thought-provoking learning opportunities to you!

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Our Mission

The mission of Mindset Enterprise is to develop and inspire leaders to produce a positive and productive culture for unlimited success.


“We take a deeper, more personal look at the foundation of the workplace. We’re all in the ‘people business.’ Why do we study people the least?”

— Carrie Wooten


A Top 10 Service

Mindset Enterprise isn’t the right fit for everybody. However, we are the perfect fit for those ready to live in excellence, discover and pursue their potential.